Q: So, do you retouch my photos for free?
A: Yes, as far as you allow me to use them in this site as a portfolio.

Q: What if I don’t want you to post my pictures?
A: Well, I can do the job for a low fee, usually as cheap as US $0.2 per photo, but depends of the work you want me to do, send me an email detailing the work for price information. And of course, you get priority on my to-do list.

Q: How many pictures can I send to you?
A: Well, there is no exact amount, a couple of them I guess, but not send me a 80 pics long folder and just say “please, help me”, I have other things to do and I also can do the job for a low fee.

Q: I like your work, can I donete some money?
R: Sure, my paypal email is kellyphotoshop@gmail.com, any amount will be greatly welcome.


digital signature Adobe Reader said...

I want your help on only one picture and I don't want it to be added on website I know the cost is very low but I just wanted to ask if for one also I need to pay.Thanks

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