ScarFace poster (video)

Push It To The Limit by Giorgio Moroder, (12" Promo Version)
Especial thanks to podmixture:

Inspired by the original ScarFace poster, my dear friend Irish asked me to do his own version.
Scarface poster (original)

Such a great idea! I just couldn’t resist, I needed to be there in somehow.
Scarface poster (final)


Luis said...

Hi, thanks for excellent template!!

please help! my template goes well only with firefox, with Internet Explorer no clickable thumbnails :(
and out of the text with the image

check my blog please, this is my url:

speak Spanish?

Kelly Mesa said...

I have see your blog, I’m not sure what you did wrong, but even the HTML code that was suppose to validate doesn’t. I suggest you to start over step by step in order to find out what is the problem.

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